Frequently Asked Questions

A podcast is an audio program that can be downloaded or streamed. You can listen to a podcast without needing to look at your device, or better you can listen to it while browsing your favorite social media

A podcast is completely portable - you listen to podcasts whenever and wherever you want. You can listen while you’re commuting by car, bus, metro, trains, or plane, or you just want to have someone talk you to sleep. Podcasts are on-demand. You have the ability to stop and start whenever you need. Arrived at work and need to get out of your car? No problem. Just pause and continue listening on your way home

Podcasts are not a substitute for video. They complement each other. Some activities through the day require you to look away from your phone, like driving, exercising, running, and washing the dishes

You can listen to your favorite podcasts at any time you like. Most people like to listen while browsing social media, before sleeping, and while do another activity

podU is the platform for Arabic podcasts. It is the best place to discover your new favorite podcast. You can find all the podcasts that you like in your native tongue. podU has various genres such as sports, comedy, science, history, etc.

podU is free, but is ad-supported. If you do not want to listen to ads, you may want to consider purchasing a podU Plus subscribtion

podU is the first podcast platform 240% dedicated to Arabic content and the MENA region, and It is the best place to discover new Arabic podcasts. Moreover, podU is the most data-friendly podcast platform for the user. Podcasts on podU use at least 60% less data than other player apps. You will never have to worry about entertaining yourself and saving your mobile data

podU has more than 20 genres, and new categories are added every month. You can expect to find at least 5 new podcasts every month. Content categories very from general topics such as sports and science to more niche topics such as e-commerce and the art of storytelling

You can start from the ‘Home’ tab. Here you will find our recommend podcasts, trending and popular podcasts, and the recently added episodes. Then, you have the ‘Podcasts’ tab where you can browse all our back catalogue. ‘Library’ is your hub where you will find podcasts that you’ve subscribed to, episodes that you liked, your downloads if you have podU Plus, and is where you can continue listening to episodes you haven’t finished yet

podU Plus is the premium and affordable paid service by podU. With podU Plus, you will listen to podcasts uninterrupted by ads, and you will be able to download as many episodes from your favorite podcast as you like. You can subscribe monthly using your credit card or thought your mobile carrier

Only podU Plus members are able to download podcast episodes for offline use. You can then listen to downloaded episodes any time you like without needing a network connection

You can create or add a podcast on podU by going to here page. You will fill the form and provide a sample or a pilot episode for your podcast

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